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How to craft beautiful flowers for Mother's Day

Little Artists' Recommendations

  • Kids 
  • Teenagers 
  • 30 min
What you need:

Pattern printout on thick paper
Connector Pens
Button, bead or small felt ball
Wooden sticks
Cardboard to make cards

Step 1

Print out the pattern at 100% scale.

Step 2

Colour the printout with Faber-Castell Connector Pens or colour pencils, using stripes, circles or other colourful patterns.

Step 3

Cut out the flower. Make sure to cut inside the black lines for best results.

Step 4

Turn your flower cut-out over, and then bend one petal after another to the middle and glue them to the centre of the bottom. 

Step 5

Continue bending each petal after the next and gluing them in place.

Step 6

To create the centre, glue a small felt ball, one bead or a button to the middle of the flower.

Step 7

Now you can design a whole bouquet of flowers! Craft several flowers and glue them to some wooden sticks, and then try decorating them with leaves. You can even attach a lovely message for your mum to the stem!


Want to add that special touch to a Mother's Day card? Try gluing the flower onto a card and surrounding the petals with kind, loving words for your mum.