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Children of the world short stories and colouring templates: Felix

Felix is 10 years old and lives near Munich in Germany. Germany is pretty much at the centre of Europe and has borders with nine other countries. There is no other country in Europe that has as many neighbouring countries!
One of its neighbours is Austria, where Franz and his family often spend the school holidays. They go to the Alps, the highest mountains in Europe. In the summer, the Alps are perfect for hiking and, in the winter, you can go sledging or skiing. Felix is really fast on skis. He loves bolting down the mountain at top speed. When he gets to the bottom, he always has really rosy cheeks because he has had so much fun. 
After an exciting day, he looks forward to the evenings in the chalet they stay in and particularly to his favourite meal: spinach dumplings followed by ‘Kaiserschmarrn’, a local delicacy of cut-up pancakes cooked with raisins. It tastes absolutely fantastic! When everyone is finished, they play games or make music together. He really loves it when they all sing songs, with Felix strumming along on his guitar. Felix is learning to play the guitar at music school and he really loves it. When he grows up, he wants to play in a group and be famous. And until then he will practise a lot.
His favourite subject at primary school is PE. Once a week, Felix goes to football practice after school. Football is a really popular sport in Germany. Particularly when the German national team plays, lots of people go to the stadium to cheer on their team, or alternatively watch the match on TV or at one of the live public screenings.