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Children of the world short stories and colouring templates: Emily

This is Emily. She is 7 years old and lives in Canada. Canada is the country directly north of the US and is massive. The country extends almost up to the North Pole and in the North consists exclusively of lots of small islands. If you have ever been to Canada, you will know that it is very green! The special thing is that it has two official languages. Particularly in the east of Canada, the people speak French. In the remaining parts they speak mainly English. Nevertheless, the Canadians tend to speak both languages wherever they live. Emily lives on an island just off the coast of the big city of Vancouver. 
In the picture, you can see Emily doing one of her favourite pastimes, kayaking. The best lake for doing it is nearby, in a valley surrounded by high mountains. Emily really loves being outdoors. So, it is really practical that she has a gigantic forest outside her front door. Most of all she loves playing hide and seek in the forest with her friends. And because there are so many fantastic hiding places, a game of hide and seek can actually go on for some time. After a day like this, Emily and her friends often make a bonfire at home in the evening and toast marshmallows on it. She spikes them on to the end of a narrow stick and holds them over the fire until they turn brown. Then they are ready for Emily to pop them into her mouth and eat them. Emily loves anything sweet. Luckily, she lives in Canada where one of the typical things you have for breakfast are pancakes with maple syrup. The syrup comes from the maple tree, Canada's national tree.
At the weekend, Emily and her parents often go to watch her brothers play ice hockey. Ice hockey is Canada's national sport: it actually originated there. And ice hockey is really dangerous, too. The players have to wear protective clothing. Then they often go kayaking together afterwards.