Tutorial: Christmas Card with Gelatos

Step 1:

Cut a square out of the watercolour paper and paint it with the Gelatos Cotton Candy. Disperse the colour all over the card with baby wipes.

Step 2:

Cut off a piece of the Gelatos Lemon, Tangerine and Red Cherry and crush them with the palette knife. Mix a white paste out of baby powder, wood glue and water and blend it with the different colours to get different coloured pastes.

Step 3:

Apply the coloured paste one after another onto the card with the palette knife. The order is up to you and the colours are allowed to overlap. At the end, add some of the pure white paste.

Step 4:

Allow to dry, then colour some spots of the card with the Gelatos Metallic Mint and Grape in order to create shining accents.

Step 5:

Draw a frame around the card with the black Pitt Artist Pen Brush. Afterwards add some snowflakes with the Pitt Artist Pen White.

Step 6:

Cut a star out of paper and colour it with the Gelatos Gold.

Step 7:

Write or print a greeting like “Merry Christmas” on a paper strip and colour it with Gelatos of your choice. Stick the decorative ribbon with adhesive transparent pads onto the card and place the star and the greeting on top. At last, put the card onto a folding card and your creative Christmas Card is finished!