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“Art & Graphic”, which is held in high esteem by hobby painters and professionals alike, combines the best from 250 years of experience in developing and manufacturing exclusive artists’ products. Great artists and designers such as Vincent van Gogh, Paul Klee, Karl Lagerfeld and Neo Rauch valued the wide spectrum of colour nuances and the premium quality offered by the range, which has not changed to this day: the high-quality pigments guarantee superior light-fastness and brilliant colours that last for centuries, helping artists to create timeless works of art.
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Faber-Castell - Pitt Graphite Matt pencil, 4B
Pitt Graphite Matt pencil, 4B
Faber-Castell - Graphite Aquarelle pencil, 4B
Graphite Aquarelle pencil, 4B
Faber-Castell - Castell 9000 Jumbo graphite pencil, 4B
Castell 9000 Jumbo graphite pencil, 4B
Faber-Castell - Pitt Graphite crayon, 4B
Pitt Graphite crayon, 4B