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Welcome to our Little Creatives World!

Combine art and play in endless ways and discover the world of creativity with little ones today! 
We’re for growing great minds – by giving you and your little ones the creative tools and inspiration to lead the way. The Little Creatives range of art materials has been designed with early childhood teachers and experts, especially for little hands as they explore the world of creativity.   
You’ll also find our ArtPlay activities here to help you get creating at home. With easy-to-follow instructions at home without the mess, we’ll spark your child’s creativity for early learning skill success. 

What do you say? Let’s make ArtPlay every day! 

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Our product range

Made specially for little hands to explore the world of creativity from their early years.

Eric the exploring elephant:

Run into adventure with Eric the exploring elephant! With Eric, you’ll learn all about building strength and being brave, strong and stable. Equipped with positivity and fun, Eric is always exploring the world and loves to dive into new adventures. He inspires us to make new discoveries and go further than we thought we could. 

Clara the crafty crab:

Clara the crafty crab can’t wait to try her new ideas with you! Persistent, steadfast and always ready for new challenges, Clara adores learning about new things – and tries again and again until she gets them right. She encourages us to never give up on our creative ideas and reminds us that all good things take time and patience.

Charlie the curious cat:

Ignite a love of learning with Charlie the curious cat! This inquisitive feline is always ready to stick his nose in to discover new creative ideas and ways to try them. With a courageous sprinkle of education inspiration and endless fascination, Charlie encourages us to grow what we know.

Billie the bright bunny:

Stress less and enjoy carefree creativity with Billie the bright bunny! Overflowing with playful fun, Billie cares deeply about the delight and enjoyment of creativity and embodies what it means to be a true ArtPlay artist. With a joyful bounce of happiness, she reminds us to relax and smile while we play and make art.