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A wooden table with several elements. There is a white sheet of paper with images for colouring in, including a heart and sun that are already finished. On top of the sheet of paper is a yellow card with a rainbow on the front and the words
Lesson Plan: Kindness Pop-Out Cards
Celebrate World Kindness Day by making beautiful pop-out cards!
Card design with fingerprints​
Everyone loves home-made cards and gifts because greetings, invitations and messages couldn’t be more personal! A very simple way to create beautiful cards and gift tags is the fingerprint method.
How to craft beautiful flowers for Mother's Day
Please your dear mother with a colourful self-created flower on Mothers' Day
Connector Pens
Fantastic painting techniques provide new ideas and unlimited creativity.
Colour Grip planes
Create your home-made Colour Grip plane – whether as a toy or as a decoration on a gift, the plane will make every child’s eyes light up. ​
Colour Grip Flowerpots
Use the Colour Grip or Jumbo Grip pencils to decorate the flowerpots any way you want.
Colour Grip Stones
Thanks to the Color Grip / Jumbo Grip pencils, you can let stones you find shine in new splendor. Color the stones in different colors and design them according to your wishes.
How to draw a blow paint monster
The bigger your paint splodges are, the larger your blow paint monster will be. Make sure that the paints are as "watery" as possible.
A wooden table with hand-cut drawings of Christmas trees with a UHU Glue Stic off to the side.
Lesson Plan: Festive Celebration Trees
Transform your classroom into a magical forest of celebration trees!
Ballerina Colouring- & Craft templates
With this cute colouring- & craft templates and your choice of coloured pencils or felt tip pens, every little ballerina can make great moves on paper.
How to design sets for a birthday party
Create your individual children party menue and name badges
Parallel technique with Connector Pens