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Children's Fund Foundation

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Faber-Castell is a globally active family business that has been committed to social responsibility since its earliest years. For example, my great-great-great-grandfather, Freiherr Lothar von Faber, co-founded one of the first company kindergartens in Germany, built company housing and supported schools.  My grandfather, Roland Graf von Faber-Castell, continued the social work he had started and spoke of a "law" of his ancestors that an entrepreneur also has to take social responsility. In March 2000, my father, Anton Graf von Faber-Castell, signed the Faber-Castell Social Charter, which is valid worldwide and includes the prohibition of child labor.

Based on this responsibility, my father established the Graf von Faber-Castell Children's Fund Foundation in 2001 to support various humanitarian children's aid projects, primarily in developing countries. With our support, we want to give children equal opportunities. Above all, the Foundation supports kindergartens, schools, children's hospitals, orphanages and  organized groups in which children receive meaningful care. Due to Faber-Castell's entrepreneurial commitment, especially in Brazil, Peru, India and Indonesia, there are good contacts with the aforementioned support groups, so that the Foundation is primarily active in these countries.

Your donation will help needy children, especially in developing countries.

Countess Katharina von Faber-Castell


Little Flower

The "Little Flower" project is dedicated to the care and support of young and old patients in a small village in the north of India. Thanks to donations from the Graf von Faber-Castell Children's Fund Foundation, bunk beds could be built, mattresses were bought and the furniture improved. Teaching materials were also purchased.

Vanga Mission Hospital

It was founded more than a hundred years ago by missionary doctors as a health station in the bush country, about 400 km east of Kinshasa in Congo. Thanks to German development aid, a large reference hospital could be built. European and American mission doctors and experts share responsibility on site. 220 hospital staff members take care of 480 patients. Thanks to the help of the Graf von Faber-Castell Children's Fund Foundation, this has been made possible.

Together for tolerance and freedom of expression

An intercultural charitable children's art project

In cooperation with the International Museum of Children's Art and the non-profit organisation The Red Pencil Humanitarian Mission, Faber-Castell has now launched a humanitarian project that brings together children of different origins worldwide and addresses the themes of tolerance, non-violence and freedom of expression in an interreligious and integrative way using pencil and paper. The cooperation started in 2016.

The actions are under the motto "Drawing for respect - fairness - self-confidence" and are coordinated by the International Children's Art Museum and the Red Pencil organisation and supported financially and materially by the Graf von Faber-Castell Children's Fund. Workshops and painting competitions are organised worldwide to link schools, foundations and public institutions. The required teaching material is developed jointly by the International Museum of Children's Art and the Red Pencil Humanitarian Mission.

Product donations to non-profit organizations

The Foundation

Establishment of the foundation in 2001

Tax recognition:
The Foundation is recognised as a non-profit and charitable organisation by the Munich Tax Office for Corporations under tax number 143/235/22201.

The foundation is audited annually by an independent auditing company as part of the audit of the trustee.

Foundation administration:
The Graf von Faber-Castell Children's Fund Foundation is administered by the “Stiftung Kinderfonds”. This supports private individuals and companies in the establishment and administration of a foundation.

Help us

Your donation will help children in need, especially in developing countries. All donations will fully benefit the children as quick, comprehensible and concrete support.

Contact us:

Faber-Castell AG
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E-Mail: Stefanie.Kreuzer@faber-castell.com

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft München: BLZ 700 205 00
Donation account: IBAN DE25 7002 0500 3750 3700 37
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