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Creative Calm

Colouring proves a powerful tool in times of crisis: Faber-Castell registers a jump of 300 % in downloads of colouring templates and tutorials.

The still raging Corona pandemic with all of its challenges has already had a major impact on societies around the world. Despite the scaling of counteractive measures as needed in different countries, widespread fears about personal health and long-term economic concerns remain – too often a drastic burden on mental wellness. In these times of a “new reality,” many people have turned to creative expression, with a noticeable jump of 300 % in Faber-Castell’s coloring pages, available for free download. The market leader of high-quality drawing tools responds to this need by expanding its range for stress-relief. 

Be it months without pre-school education or proper class teaching, many weeks without the hug of loved ones, mandatory mask-wearing or simply the burdening worries about income and financial security: The impact of COVID 19 has hit millions of people hard, with children and senior citizens probably afflicted more than most. 

To counteract such psychological pressure, coloring paper can truly help. Interacting with the world as well as communicating the inner self is a basic human need, especially in times of crisis, so creative expression has long been used as a therapeutic tool to alleviate stress and focus the mind. While never a replacement for treating serious mental issues, coloring and painting has proven an effective way of soothing, stimulation of brain activity and relaxation.  

The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) described the positive psychological effects of painting Mandalas, for example, describing them as “a holy geometric pattern,” which represents a direct invitation to listen to the inner self, rediscover harmony and awaken the spirit to foster personal growth. Interaction with artistic tools has been proven to help overcome traumas or very difficult stages in life. According to the US magazine “Psychology Today”, creating art can relieve stress, improve symptoms of depression and anxiety and even reconnect to more positive memories. Such artistic self-expression has healing powers. 
In this modern media world, talking screens too often focus on bad news. Reconnecting with the inner mind and individual thoughts is the power of paper and colors, the choice always one’s own. Blue shades can mean open sky and ocean to some, orange, red and yellows may represent the sun, a hearth or camp fires, others may prefer all hues of green, associating forests, meadows or a garden. Such deeply personal exercise offers control and mindfulness, even metaphors for deeper issues, no matter the age group or even artistic talent. It is an opportunity to relax, meditate, and reconnect with positive moments. 

Oliver Hempel, Head of Digital Marketing at Faber-Castell, can see the increasing need for creative relaxation in concrete figures: "During the lockdown phase, our colouring templates and drawing tutorials were downloaded from our website about three times as often as in the same period last year", states the manager. For creative times with children and adults, Faber-Castell offers a wide variety of colouring pages for free download on its Website, ranging from intricate Mandalas to animals and inspirational images. In response to strongly growing demand and feedback from all around the world, the market leader in creative and writing instruments will continually add more designs.