Limitless playful fun with Connector Pens

Colouring fun with Connector Pens

Felt tips for any occasion: Connector Pens have a lot to offer. For little artists, they are not just the ideal tool that guarantees bright colours and all kinds of fun when drawing. The real highlight of these pens: they can be connected using the specially formed caps and used to create figures and small toys, such as aeroplanes, animals etc., thanks to the connector pieces that are included in every set. The imagination knows no bounds here! The little pots of paint in the Connector colouring box can also be brilliantly integrated into the crafting fun as creative blocks, even if the paint in the mini tub has already been used. The Connector Pen Jumbo with its thick barrel, pressure-safe tip and with no additional connector parts is recommended for children upwards of three years old for carefree play. There are many creative inspirations and the instructions for recreating them online, as well as in the booklet that is included in the cardboard box. 

Crafting and colouring ideas

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