How to craft a wild easter bunny



20 min

What you need:

You will find the lists of materials in the following descriptions.

List of materials

Water colour paper, Graphite pencil, Graphite paper, Kneadable eraser, Paint brush, Narrow cut deco tape, Scissors, Paper holder, Watercolour pencils Art GRIP Aquarelle 115 Dark cadmium orange 187 Burnt ocre, Pitt Artist Pen 180 Raw umber

Step 1

Print template in 100 %. Place the template on top of the watercolour paper and attach the corners with adhesive tape. Put the graphite paper underneath the template with the dark side facing down. Choose one rabbit and go over the lines of the template with a graphite pencil. To check if the lines have been transferred, lift the graphite paper after the first lines. The lines should be weak, so they don’t shine through the colour later on. Reduce strong lines with a kneadable or an eraser.

Step 2

Remove the template. Fill in the rabbit with Art GRIP Aquarelle 187 Burnt ocre, then go over the coloured surface with Art GRIP Aquarelle 115 Dark cadmium orange. To achieve a bright mixture, make sure to apply the colours delicately. As a simple rule of thumb, the more colour you apply the darker and more saturate it will become after water coloring.

Step 3

Use water and a paint brush for the water colour effect and then let it dry.

Step 4

Draw nose, ears and the rabbit’s eye and the leopard fur with Pitt Artist Pen 180 Raw umber.

Step 5

Cut out the rabbit.

Step 6

Adjust the narrow cut deco tape and tie a ribbon around the rabbit’s neck.

Step 7

Clamp the rabbit into a paper holder or use it to decorate napkins etc.

TIP: Vary the fur – you can create zebra-, tiger- or giraffe patterns for your rabbits as well!