How to craft a colourful Easter fence



30 min

What you need:

You will find the lists of materials in the following descriptions.

List of materials

Fence: Lightweight board white, Graphite pencil, Scalpel or cutter, Ruler, Glue Letters: Drawing cardboard or Mi-Teint-paper yellow, Graphite pencil, Graphite paper, Kneadable or eraser, Pitt Artist Pens 113 Orange glaze, 186 Terracotta, 170 May green,174 Chromium green opaque

How to craft the fence

Step 1

Print template in 100 %. For the fence sticks, transfer dimensions to the lightweight board.

Step 2

Cut out fence stick with the scalpel.

Step 3

Put the cut out fence stick on the lightweight board and draw the contours. Draw seven more fence sticks and cut them out. Cut out two crossbars with the given dimensions. Glue the crossbars to the fence sticks.

How to craft the letters

Step 1

Print template in 100 %. Place the template on top of the drawing cardboard and attach the corners with adhesive tape. Put the graphite paper underneath the template with the dark side facing down. Go over the lines of the template with a graphite pencil. To check if the lines have been transferred, lift the graphite paper after the first lines. Remove the template.

Step 2

The lines should be weak, so they don’t shine through the colour later on. Reduce strong lines with a kneadable or an eraser.

Step 3

Draw leaves with Pitt Artist Pen 170 May green by leaving out the middle of each letter.

Step 4

Fill in flowers with Pitt Artist Pen 113 Orange glaze.

Step 5

Accentuate the middles of the flowers with Pitt Artist Pen 186 Terracotta. Indicate the stamens with thin green lines (Pitt Artist Pen 174 Chromium green opaque) coming from the center.

Step 6

Carefully cut out all the letters.

Step 7

Glue letters to the prepared fence.