How to craft colourful Easter bags



30 min

What you need:

Photo cardboard or Mi-Teint paper, light blue, Graphite pencil, Graphite paper, Scalpel or cutter, Scissors, Glue, Hole puncher, Tull ribbon, Cord, Pitt Artist Pen 120 Ultramarine.

Step 1

Print template in 100 %. Place the template on top of the drawing cardboard and attach the corners with
adhesive tape. Put the graphite paper underneath the template with the dark side facing down. Go over
the lines of the template with a graphite pencil. To check if the lines have been transferred, lift the
graphite paper after the first lines. Remove the template.

Step 2

The lines should be weak, so they don’t shine through the colour later on. Reduce strong lines with a kneadable or an eraser.

Step 3

Cut out the straight edges of the bag with the cutter.

Step 4

Cut out the loop and the protruding eggs with the scissors.

Step 5

Go over the pattern with Pitt Artist Pen 120 Ultramarine.

Step 6

Fill in the background, add lines and dots.

Step 7

Apply glue to the side flaps and pre-bend the bag.

Step 8

Glue the bag together.

Step 9

Glue white tull into the bag.

Step 10

Alternatively, you can punch holes into the bag.

Step 11

If you like, you can apply a cord. Fill the bag and bind a loop with the tull. TIP: You can vary the size and the patterns of your bags as you like. Use white drawing cardboard and Pitt Artist Pens in different colours to create special looks for your Easter bags.