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Product Range

11-317090   Grip 2001 HB x 2

11-317092   Grip 2001 HB x 2

                    + Eraser/Sharpener

11-317093   Grip 2001 2B x 2

11-317096   Grip 2001 HB x 3

11-317097   Grip 2001 2B x 3

11-317094   Grip 2001 2B x 5

11-317095   Grip 2001 HB x 5


Grip 2001 Multipacks


In an age dominated by PCs and the Internet, can people still get excited about pencils? Yes, they can! The only one pencil of its kind anywhere in the world: GRIP 2001. The patented Soft-GRIP zone prevents fingers from slipping. The ergonomic triangular shape ensures fatigue-free writing. The surface coating is made from environmentally-friendly water-based paint, a technology first introduced by Faber-Castell. The lead is fully SV bonded with the wood surround, making it particularly break-resistant. An outstanding graphite pencil for writing, drawing and sketching.


Product Range

11-1221-2B-3EP-10   Goldfaber 2B x 3

11-1221-HB-3EP-10   Goldfaber HB x 3


Goldfaber Multipacks


Goldfaber pencils have been recognised for superior quality for generations.  Graphite and clay is finely ground and blended to give smooth, consistent lead performance.  A special SV bonding process ensures high break resistance and superior sharpening. Different degrees of hardness are available for writing, drawing and sketching. From FSC-certified plantations/ sustainable forest stewardship.


Product Range

12-1165-2B-3EP-10   Grip Pencil Set

12-1323-MP2-10        School Set No.2

89-116535                 Junior Grip Set


Junior/School Multipacks


Grip Pencil Set includes 3 x 2B Grip Pencils. 


School Set includes 3 x Economy Ballpens + 2 x Alligator 2B Pencils + 1 Sharpener + 1 Student Eraser + 1 Ink & Pencil Eraser. 


Junior Grip Pencil Set is ideal for beginners and includes 3 Junior Grip HB Pencils + 1 Twin-Hole Sharpener + 1 PVC Free Eraser.

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