General Writing


- Mechanical Pencils

Product Range

39-131211   Grip 2011 0.7mm

                    Mechanical Pencil, Silver


Grip 2001 Mechanical Pencil


The GRIP 2011 mechanical pencils will impress prolific writers as the ergonomic triangular shape and balanced weight makes writing easier on the fingers and the products are the ideal weight for hours of fatigue-free writing.  Complete with extra long, twist-out eraser under the cap, soft-grip zone for secure, non-slip grip and break-resistant 0.7 mm lead for optimum writing. Can be refilled with spare leads and spare eraser.


Product Range

39-130700   Grip Plus 0.7mm

                    Mechanical Pencil


Grip Plus Mechanical Pencil


Thanks to its ergonomic rubber grip zone, the GRIP PLUS mechanical pencil ensures hours of fatigue-free writing. Completed with an impressive, extra thick, twist-out eraser, triangular grip zone for secure, non-slip grip and slide-back lead sleeve and spring-mounted lead to protect against breakage.  Break-resistant 0.7 mm lead for optimum writing.


Product Range

39-137710    Gripmatic 0.7mm Pencil

39-137901    Gripmatic 0.7mm + Leads


Gripmatic Mechanical Pencil


The lead in the GRIP MATIC mechanical pencil is advanced automatically, no button-pressing necessary. The comfortable rubber grip zone for secure, non-slip grip makes writing a pleasure. 0.7mm lead for particularly break-resistant writing. The GRIP MATIC is available in 3 attractive translucent colours, each equipped with a twist-out eraser in the end cap. The lead can of course be fully retracted so it can be carried in pockets.


Product Range

31-134600   TK Document 2mm

                    Clutch Pencil 4600


TK Document 2mm Clutch Pencil 4600


The Faber-Castell TK Document 2mm Clutch Pencil 4600 for writing, drawing and sketchingWith a hexagonal barrel with ergonomic round grip and powerful jaws to grip the lead firmly. End-cap with built-in sharpener for 2mm leads.


Product Range

31-136500   TK Fine 0.5mm Pencil 9715

31-136700   TK Fine 0.7mm Pencil 9717

31-136900   TK Fine 0.9mm Pencil 9719


TK Fine Mechanical Pencil


The Faber-Castell TK Fine Mechanical Pencils for writing and technical drawing.  Complete with rigid lead sleeve (not springy), colour code for line width and adjustable window for hardness.


TK Graphite Leads

22-127100   2.0mm, HB, Tube of 10


Super Polymer Leads

23-91252B   0.5mm, 2B, Tube of 12

23-9125B     0.5mm, B, Tube of 12

23-9125HB   0.5mm, HB, Tube of 12

23-91272B   0.7mm, 2B, Tube of 12

23-9127B     0.7mm, B, Tube of 12

23-9127HB   0.7mm, HB, Tube of 12

23-9129HB   0.9mm, HB, Tube of 12


Lead Refills


TK Graphite Leads for writing, drawing & sketching.  The 2mm intense black leads in HB hardness are 130mm long and easily erasable.  Smooth surface, no dust produced by TK clutch pencil jaws. 10 leads per tube. 


Super Polymer Leads - no more clicking, lead feeds automatically for continuous writing. Polymer bonded leads in a handy tube of 12.

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