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Product Range

40-144111   Grip 2011 Ballpoint Pen


Grip 2001 Ballpoint Pen


The GRIP 2011 ballpoint pens will impress prolific writers as the ergonomic triangular shape makes writing easier on the fingers and the products are the ideal weight for hours of fatigue-free writing.  Safe for pockets with its  pushbutton mechanism.  Hours of tireless writing thanks to the ergonomic triangular shape and ideal, balanced weight.  Soft-grip zone for secure, non-slip grip. Document-proof. With replaceable ISO standard large capacity refill M. Can be refilled with blue and black ink with B and M line widths.


Product Range

40-140700  Retractable Ball Pen


Grip Plus Ballpoint Pen


Thanks to its ergonomic rubber grip zone, the GRIP PLUS ballpoint pen ensures hours of fatigue-free writing. Document-proof and refillable with triangular rubber grip zone for secure, non-slip grip.  Complete with pushbutton mechanism and clip and document-proof standard large capacity refill M medium.


Product Range

40-142811   Silver Ballpoint Pen, Blue Ink

40-142899   Black Ballpoint Pen, Blue Ink


Conic Ballpoint Pens


The CONIC ballpoint pen, with its ergonomic tapered wedge shape, is available with a black or silver shaft. The ballpoint's clip has a flexible mounting. The standard large capacity refill ensures comfortable writing and is also document-proof.   Complete with rubber grip zone for non-slip grip and ISO standard magnum refill, G2 for comfortable writing.  Can be refilled with blue and black ink with B and M line widths.


Product Range

49-TRI032M-BL   Medium Ballpen, Black

49-TRI032M-BU   Medium Ballpen, Blue

49-TRI032M-RD   Medium Ballpen, Red


Trilux 032 Ballpoint Pens


Trilux Ballpoint Pens have a broad triangular shape for improved writing comfort and superior ink laydown for smoother writing.  An economy ballpoint pen with a medium point and ventilated safety cap.


Product Range

40-142003M-3BC   Card of 3

                               Black, Blue, Red


Super Tech Point 1420 Ballpoint Pens


The Faber-Castell Super Tech Point 1420 Ballpoint pen, complete with needle point and comfortable rubber grip.  Available in a card of three colours, Black, Blue and Red, medium 1.0 point.


Product Range

53-151199   Finepen 1511, Black


Finepen 1511 Document Writing Pen


The Fineliner 1511 is ideal for fine sketching and drawing and is available in various colours.  With document-proof water-based ink, it is also well suited to signing certificates and contracts.  Complete with a metal-clad tip for high performance writing and colour coding on the end of each barrel.

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