- Permanent Markers

Product Range

52-150421   Red, box of 10

52-150451   Blue, box of 10

52-150463   Green, box of 10

52-050499   Black, box of 10


52-150404   Wallet of 4 colours


Grip Markers Permanent


Ergonomic Triangular shape for tireless writing.  Dotted grip zone for a sure non-slip grip. Suitable for almost any type of surface. Weatherproof alcohol-based ink: resistant to water and wiping, adheres well to the surface. Quick-drying ink, low odour and fade-resistant. Available in 4 bold ink colours.


Product Range

55-151399   Fine, Black, box of 10

55-152399   Super Fine, Black, box of 10


55-151304   Wallet 4, Fine,

                    (Red, Black, Blue, Green)

55-152304   Wallet 4, Super Fine,

                    (Red, Black, Blue, Green)

55-152504   Wallet 4, Medium,

                    (Red, Black, Blue, Green)


Multi Purpose Markers



Faber-Castell Multimark pens with integrated special erasers are not only ideal for permanent marking -  they also write reliably on nearly all smooth surfaces including CD/DVDs, Wood, Stone, Metal, Glass & Plastics. Extremely lightfast markers that are waterproof and permanent.  All Multimark inks dry within seconds and leave sharp edges. However, should there be a need to remove some of the marks, the integrated special eraser can even fully erase permanent marks from all smooth surfaces.

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