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A Decorative Floral Wreath Made Of Unglazed Pottery


What you need:

  • Decorative pottery wreath or similar (available from hobby shops)
  • Creative Studio soft pastels in yellow (number 107), orange (number 113), brown (number 189), light green (number 266) and dark green (number 165)
  • A stiff-bristled paintbrush
  • Clear matt spray-on varnish

It's very simple:

  • Start with the flowers. Do the petals in yellow; if you find the little depressions remain uncoloured you can use the brush (dry) to fill them in. Then add some orange to the bases of the petals. You can rub gently with a finger to merge the colours, and blow away any excess pigment. Colour the centres of the flowers brown, again rubbing with a finger.
  • The same principle applies to the greenery: first colour all the leaves in light green, then the stalks in a darker green, rub with a finger, and blow away any surplus.
  • Then spray the wreath with clear varnish and let it dry.


Be brave: experiment! Shops specializing in craft materials have a selection of plain floral wreaths and other decorative objects made of unglazed pottery that are very suitable for colouring with pastel crayons – their powdery consistency goes well with the material. One tip: when choosing the colour scheme always combine a light and a dark hue. Then the result looks more natural and more attractive.

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