Creative ideas


Art GRIP Colour Pencils


Colour pencils are real multi-talents when it comes to quickly putting funny decorating or gift ideas into practice. Nearly all surfaces can be used for creative endeavours. 


The latter allow you to guide the pencil accurately without it slipping through your fingers. Remarkable: Art GRIP pencils show excellent adherence to a multitude of surfaces – even clay pottery or satined glass!



Art GRIP Aquarelle Pencils


A damp paintbrush will create fabulous watercolour effects on any motif or pattern composed with Art GRIP Aquarelle pencils. Ideal for precise drawing and superior to standard watercolour paints. You can achieve wonderful watercolour effects with these pencils. Whether  you work with white or coloured or dark paper, or some other rough surface,  the excellent pigment quality will allow your creative ideas to shine! 



Studio Oil Pastels 

Oil-based pastel crayons are highly versatile. They provide optimal coverage and extremely vivid colours due to their high concentration of pigments. Their smooth texture ensures soft and effortless colour deposit. These high-quality oil-based pastel crayons are ideal for classic uses (e.g. sgraffito) as well as all sorts of blending techniques. Suitable for use on all paper types and colours, cardboard, canvas and even on wood and clay pottery.


Studio Soft Pastels

Soft pastel crayons have extremely intense colours, a soft colour deposit and are very easy to mix and blend using your fingers. The brilliant, vivid results achieved make them ideal for amateur artists, school art lessons and creative handicraft enthusiasts. Soft pastel crayons are well suited to different types of paper (e.g. flock paper), but fantastic effects can also be achieved on other surfaces. Beautiful colour transitions, intense luminosity and brilliant colours – just try it out! Fun guaranteed!
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