Art & Graphic

Individual Sticks

18-129900     Box 12, Medium

18-129903     Box 12, Soft

18-129906     Box 12, Extra Soft


Natural Charcoal

18-129398     Set 5, 7-12mm

18-117400     Box 12 Pencils, Medium

18-117403     Box 12 Pencils, Soft

18-117411     Box 12 Pencils, Hard


Compressed Charcoal Pencils

18-112992     Box 12, Soft

18-112995     Box 12, Hard


Pitt Monochrome Charcoal


Natural charcoal is the oldest sketching and drawing material in the world. The greyish-blue shade glides softly across the paper, rubs and smudges easily, and can be erased without difficulty and repeatedly overlaid. Many art students are taught first to make sketches in natural charcoal, even when working on canvas, before further elaborating the details of the picture.


Faber-Castell has developed two further products based on this classic drawing material, namely pressed charcoal sticks and pressed charcoal pencils. Ground natural charcoal is enriched with black pigment, and then compressed with clay to form a crayon. This results in a significantly blacker shade, which is available in 5 different grades of hardness.

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