Connector TWIST Crayons

Connectable Twist Crayons are unique in both design and functionality.  Their thick triangular Grip Zone gives hands of all ages better comfort and control and the smooth extra-thick crayon interiors colour brilliantly. 


Like the ink from their big brothers, the Connector Pens, Faber-Castell Connectable Twist Crayons waxes are washable from most surfaces and all components are non-toxic.  The ever-popular click caps are a feature of the product and give the crayons dual functionality for writing and playing. The click function also helps users keep their colour sets together wherever they are stored.


Bringing young imaginations to life!



Jumbo Wax Crayons

Jumbo size to suit little hands, big easy to grip crayons.  Extra smooth, clean colouring in colour rich shades.  Crayons paper sleeved to help prevent breakage.  Non-toxic food grade colours, safe for children.



Grip Wax Crayons

Big easy grip triangular shape assists with early grip development and also prevents rolling.  Name space provided.  Non-toxic food grade colours.  Extra smooth vibrant colouring.



Chublets - Pack of 96

Short and thick, extra smooth Chublet crayons.  Hard to break, child safe and non-toxic.   Available in pack of 96 with 12 x 8 different colours.  Length is 58mm.



Jumbo Erasable Crayons

Jumbo Erasable Crayons are break-proof, clean to work with and don’t crumble or smear.  Ergonomic triangular shape, suitable for right or left handed children.  Encourages creativity and fine motor skills (three-finger grip).



Smart Erasable Crayons

Smart crayons are made using a smooth rich colour synthetic formula.  Smart crayons are highly break resistant and can be sharpened to a pencil point.  Non-toxic, long lasting, smudge proof and very clean to use.  Thick hexagonal shape is ideal for the young artist.



Grasp Crayons

Highly break-resistant, non-flaky, long-lasting crayons.  Can be used from both ends.  Ideal for young children for correct grip and better control while drawing and colouring.  Smooth brilliant colours that are safe and washable from most clothing and surfaces.



First Grip Crayons

Thick triangular erasable crayons designed to help with 3 finger grip and motor skill development.  Six smooth brilliant colours that are easily applied.  Clean, safe and washable from most surfaces.