#35-1274 - Fun Felt Shapes


Product Description

Fun Felt Shapes is the perfect preschool craft kit for "little" crafters! Put imagination to work as you layer simple felt shapes and wiggly eyes onto a child-sized felt board. This open-ended activity will reinforce colour and shape recognition, fine motor skills patterning and creative thinking. No mess and great for travel! This felt board includes a neat and tidy storage bag.


Product Contents

Includes Portable Felt Board  Open ( 52.71cm x 27.94cm), 100+ Pre-Cut Felt Shapes, Felt Wiggly Eyes, Mini Pom-Poms, Storage Bag, Elastic Band (to hold storage bag), Instructions & Ideas.


Ages 3+

RRP $19.95




#35-1738 - Manicure & Pedicure Set


Product Description

Super safe and washable, this kit includes all the little girl spa accessories needed to create fabulous fingers and terrific toes.


Product Contents 

Complete set includes child-sized pedicure slippers, pedicure pool, water based nail polish, magic washcloth and more.  Parents will love the neat and tidy storage bag included.


Ages 4+

RRP $29.95

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