Faber-Castell, a pioneer in Environmental and Ethical standards

Faber-Castell has the highest quota of FSC timber in the entire international stationery industry.


When it comes to Environmental and Social standards, Faber-Castell leads the way.


In 2008, Faber-Castell joined the Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTM), an organisation within the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). GFTN offers a platform for innovative companies which feel a responsibility to encourage environmentally and socially compatible forestry. GFTN members are committed to traceability in the procurement of timber and paper, and an increasing proportion of FSC[1]-certified products in their range.


By joining GFTN, Faber-Castell committed itself to raising its proportion of FSC-certified timber resources from about 80% at that time to 90% by the year 2012. That target was in fact exceeded by mid-2010. 95% of all the wood used by the entire Faber-Castell group of companies is now certified to the stringent criteria of the FSC. The remainder also comes from monitored sustainable forests. That guarantees environmentally compatible, economically viable, and socially responsible conditions of forestry. Faber-Castell thus has the highest quota of FSC timber in the entire stationery business and can be regarded as a pioneer – and not simply in this sector of industry.


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