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Faber-Castell is committed to providing children with quality, innovative and thoughtful products that offer opportunities to express their uniqueness through creative play.  Drawing, painting, crafting and pretending are all an integral part of a healthy childhood.  ALL Faber-Castell Children’s Brand Products are non-toxic and safe for children.


Our number one priority is ensuring the safety of your children, as well as our own children.  Creativity for Kids products are designed in the USA by a team of real people who are parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles themselves.  Before our products ever hit the shelf, they are subjected to rigorous testing and they must conform to all US toy safety standards.  In addition, because we sell our products overseas, many of our products are subjected to, and conform to, even stricter European safety standards.  Safety is not an after-thought; it is ingrained in our product development process.  In our 31+ year history, we’ve never experienced a recall.  This is a result of holding ourselves to a higher standard to ensure that children will have premium quality creative experiences and parents can rest easy knowing their children will be safe using our products.


We hope that you enjoy our wide variety of safe and fun products that will inspire your child's natural curiosity and encourage self expression as they grow.


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