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Creative Solutions Catalogue


Our "Creative Solutions Catalogue" is a collection of inspiring products specificly designed for Preschool Prep through to High School.




'Design' Catalogue


The “Design” series, with its purist and functional language of form, has become an elementary building block in the Faber-Castell range. The series is aimed at satisfying the needs of demanding consumers, and the elegant products are particularly suitable as presents. The unmistakable visual feature, recurring like a common thread, is wood: it symbolizes the  company’s world-wide core competence.


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'Office' Catalogue


Faber-Castell’s “Office” field of competence complement the modern office or study in the form of functional writing implements for taking notes, sketching, and correcting texts. Besides function and attractive design, Faber-Castell also sees its benefits for the consumer: for example, the non-slip grip zone on the “GRIP 2001” pencils. This strategy of providing a “point of difference” has given the strategic strength in focussing on intelligent additional company a leading position in many markets. 


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'Art & Graphic' & 'Technical Drawing' Catalogue


The “Art & Graphic” range enjoys the respect of artists, both professional and amateur.  All the products are based on the same colour numbering system, giving reliable results with mixed techniques such as water-soluble and permanent pencils.


The Technical Drawing range offers high-quality drawing instruments that are precise and easy to use.

Drawing boards, stencils, rulers and squares are made of tough materials and especially well finished.


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A brief history of the pencil


The pencil, that most universal, highly economical, highly versatile yet unprepossessing of writing and drawing implements for the common man is produced and consumed by the thousand million every day - even in the age of the internet. Children in every country learn to write with it; in later life it is indispensable for all kinds of notes and sketches and drafts - for everything, in fact, that is written or drawn by hand and may have to be corrected. The pencil is long-lasting, undemanding, unaffected by climatic changes, and even wirtes under water or in space. What other writing implement can claim to be such an all-rounder?


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Our Global Commitment


One does not need to be a visionary to realize how important it is to preserve natural resources for the generationsto come. Wood and trees are an embarrassing topic in many circles. So it is all the more satisfying that nearly 25 years ago Faber-Castell initiated a forestry project which to this day counts as exemplary in the stationerybusiness. Our 10,000 hectares of managed pine forest, the source of raw materials for our black-lead and colourpencils, have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as “environmentally compatible, sociallyequitable, and economically sustainable”


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Corporate Kit 


In 1761 the cabinet-maker Caspar Faber set up a business at Stein near Nuremberg, and thus laid the foundation stone for the present Faber-Castell group. But the decisive step was not taken until 1839. The German pencil industry blossomed under Lothar Faber, who was later raised to the peerage and appointed counsellor to the royal court...


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A matter of respect


In this brochure you will find information about Faber-Castell‘s past and present activities concerning quality standards, environmental and social issues

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