Design Range Questions


What size lead does the E-Motion Twist Pencil use?


1.4mm lead.



What size refill comes with the E-Motion Pen?


B = Broad.



What finishes are available for the Twice Multifunction Pens?


Pear Wood, brown or black with black cap. Light Maple Wood with grey cap.



What finish is available for the Multifunction Duo and Trio Pens?


Metal with polished metal cap.



What size lead does the Twice Multifunction Wooden Pens use?


0.5mm lead.



What size lead does the Multifunction Metal Pencil (Duo) use?


0.7mm lead.



What is the size of the ballpoint refill for the Twice Multifunction Pen?


M = Medium


What colours are available for the Metallic Gel Ink Rollberball Pens?


The metallic cap indicates the colour refill, gold, silver, red, violet, blue, green, copper and charcoal grey.



What wood is the barrel on the Basic Ballpoint Pen and Mechanical Pencil made from?


Cedar wood.



What size lead does the Basic Mechanical Pencil use?


0.7mm lead.



What is the size of the refill that comes with the Basic Ballpoint Pen?


M = Medium.



What is the UFO Sharpener made of?


The UFO Sharpener is Aluminum.



Can the blade for the UFO Sharpener be replaced when dull?


The blade is removable and replacement blades are available for purchase.



What finishes are available for the Design Perfect Pencils?


Aluminium extender with black, brown or silver pencils (silver pencil in gift set only) and Green extender with gold plated clip and green pencils.



Are spare sharpeners for my Perfect Pencil available for purchase?


The removable sharpener is available for purchase.



How many leads can I insert into the E-Motion Pencil at a time?


One lead is used at a time. Three additional leads may be stored in the pockets to the side of the tip.



How many leads can I use when I refill my Twice Multifunction Pen?


It is recommended to use three to prevent jamming.



What degree of hardness is equivalent to a number two pencil?


Degree B is equivalent to a number two pencil.



What is the UFO Eraser made of?


The UFO Eraser is made of PVC-free plastic.



I’ve lost a part on my pen/pencil. Are spare parts available to purchase?


Spare parts are available for purchase. Ask your local retail store for details or contact us for information.



Will another size lead other than 1.4mm fit in my E-Motion Pencil?


The E-Motion Pencil will only accept 1.4mm leads.



Can I use 0.5mm leads in my Multifunction Duo/Trio Pen?


The new Multifunction item will not accept 0.5mm. It only accepts 0.7mm.



Can I convert my 0.7mm pencil to a 0.5mm?


This is not possible. The mechanisms are not interchangeable.



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