Colour & Creativity Questions


Are the Colour & Creativity art supplies for children toxic?


No. All Faber-Castell Colour & Creativity art supplies in our red packaging are made from NON-Toxic materials and are safe for children.



Are the Colour & Creativity pencils for children acid-free?


Yes. All Faber-Castell pencils are acid-free.



What is the base for the Colour & Creativity Wax Crayons for children?


Faber-Castell Wax Crayons are paraffin based. They are not soy based. This makes them non-toxic and child-friendly.



Are peanut or nut oils used in any Colour & Creativity Crayons for children?


No. Faber-Castell does not use peanut or nut based oils or components in any of the Playing and Learning Crayon products.



Are the Colour & Creativity colour pencil leads for children lignin-free?


Yes. The Faber-Castell coloured pencil leads, adhesives and lacquers are lignin-free.



Is there a lot of waxy build up left while using the Colour & Creativity Wax Crayons for Children?


No. Faber-Castell formulas have more colour pigments and less wax so that children get the brilliant colours they want for their artwork. No waxy build up; colours go down on paper smoothly and easily.



I left the cap off of my Colour & Creativity Marker for children and the tip is a little dry. What can I do to try and fix it?


Faber-Castell inks are water based which means that you can sometimes rehydrate the marker by placing the nib or point in water. All F-C markers have a long cap-off time, however If the cap is left off for a long period of time the marker may dry out.



Are the Colour & Creativity Tattoo Markers for children safe for skin?


Yes. The Faber-Castel Tattoo Marker sets are Non-toxic, dermatologically tested and are safe for skin.



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