Connector Pen Techniques


Using lines to colour


Using Connector Colour Pens you

can colour in your drawings with parallel lines to get a different look. By placing the lines closer to each other you can add intensity and shadow to your drawings.


Lighting and Shading


You can get shadows as well as

3-dimensional effects by using different shades of the same colour on different parts of the drawing. The closer the lines are together, the darker the shade. The further the lines are apart, the lighter the shade.




To draw curved objects just colour your drawing using bent lines.


Shinning and lighting effects


You can also colour your drawings with dots. By changing the space in between dots, you can get shining and lighting effects. The best product to colour using dots are Faber-Castell Poster Art Pens, because they have bigger tips.


Creating New Colour


You can create new colours with dots by drawing dots of different sizes, densities and colours. This can give the appearance of a single colour when viewed from a distance.

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