Learning to write systematically with the help of ergonomically designed writing implements

Jumbo GRIP lead pencils and colour pencils, the triangle-shaped mechanical pencil as well as the junior fountain pen by FABER-CASTELL offer essential features designed to provide maximum support to your child during the stages when he/she is learning to write. An advantage common to all pens is their triangular shape which guarantees maximum contact between a child’s fingers and the pen. Round pencils require additional stabilisation of the rotation axis which causes cramping. Due to the triangular shape of the pencils, it is a lot easier to perform changes in direction, adjust pencil pressure and grip the pencil properly. 


Learners’ pencils and fountain pens must feature good ergonomic design and support children’s handwriting and graphomotor skills in an optimum way; at the same time, however, the pens should give kids enough individual freedom to learn the type of tripod grip which best suits their own needs. As a result, drawing and learning to write will be great fun and eventually meet with success.