Practice makes perfect

Your child’s first day at school represents a major event in his or her life. He or she is proud of finally being a school kid. Life has novel and exciting experiences in store for your child. Reading, writing and arithmetic need to be studied while a new environment is waiting to be explored. While children mainly work for their teacher or their parents during their first years at school, they will later tend to make an effort on their own behalf in order to prove and assert themselves within their respective class.


The self-organisation of kids in groups is gaining more and more ground.  School performance, social origin, outward appearances and many other things are factors which decide on group affiliation and ranking within the group. This development is of substantial importance for building your child’s self-concept. Within the group, he or she can compare their self-perception and the way they are perceived by others, judge their own personal behaviour and develop new yardsticks governing their actions.