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Holding company:

Faber-Castell Aktiengesellschaft, 90546 Stein, Germany

Tel: +49 911 9965-0; www.faber-castell.com



Count Anton Wolfgang von Faber-Castell (8th generation)


Core competence

Graphite and colour pencils

World wide production capacity over 2 000 million wooden-cased pencils per year

(world’s largest pencil manufacturer)


Group revenues

Group revenues: Certifications ISO 9001-2000; ISO 14001; FSC





Faber-Castell worldwide


Employees worldwide

ca. 7000 


In Germany  

more than 900


Marketing and sales regions

Europe / North America, Latin America, Asia / Pacific


Production locations worldwide 



Sales companies worldwide  



Sales agents

in 120 countries





Graf von Faber-Castell Children´s Foundation


Commitment to the Children of the World

In many regions of the world, children suffer the most from the consequences of war, hunger, sickness, and the unfavorable circumstances  in which they were born. Whether it is children living on the streets in Latin America, needy children in the workhouses in India, or disadvantaged children in our own neighborhoods - they all have little chance to improve their living conditions by themselves.

The Graf von Faber-Castell Children´s Foundation has made a commitment to help. Through its activities in various humanitarian aid projects, we want to give as many children as possible a fair chance for the future - even with relatively limited means.

With the help of our colleagues, I will personally ensure that all donations will fully go toward providing rapid, traceable, and concrete assistance to these children.


Sincerely yours,


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