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Forest Stewardship Council­® (FSC®)-certificate


The Forest Stewardship Council® is the highest authority when it comes to assessing ecologically and socially sustainable forestry and timber production. It also awards the C.o.C. certificate, a prerequisite for printing the resulting products with the FSC® seal. And that in turn assures the consumer that the wood used in making them comes from environmentally compatible sources. The seal proves that Faber-Castell adheres the strict FSC® guidelines all the way from the tree to the finished pencil.


About 25 years age Faber-Castell initiated a forestry project in Brazil that to this day is considered an outstanding example and was accordingly certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) as "environmentally responsible, socially beneficial, and economically viable".








Water-based paint technology


Faber-Castell demonstrates a further example of pioneering work in the interests of the environment with its paint coatings for pencils. Nearly all the black-lead and colour pencils produced in Stein near Nuremberg are coated with water-based paint.  With this process, Faber-Castell changed over from conventional paints using organic solvents to environment-friendly aqueous emulsions – a technology developed in-house. The plant was opened by Klaus Töpfer, at the time German environment minister and later executive director of the UN environment programme. Faber-Castell has set new world standards in this field.


In water-based paint technology, the chromophoric pigments are dispersed in water. This means that, unlike in the case of acetone-based lacquer, no harmful vapours are released during the drying process.However, water-based paint requires heat for the drying process and thus necessitates greater energy expenditure when compared to acetone-based lacquer. Faber-Castell generates the required energy by using residual materials of the wood cased pencil production.



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