For the sake of our children and our environment


Assuring a continued supply of natural resources is a high priority for the generations to come. 25 years ago, Faber-Castell initiated a forestry project in Brazil that still counts as exemplary and for that reason has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) as “environmentally compatible, socially acceptable, and economically sustainable”. These company-run forests make the Faber-Castell Group one of the few corporations that is not simply CO2-neutral but absorbs considerably more carbon dioxide than it produces.

Environment-friendly water-based paint has been used at the headquarters in Stein since the early 1990s. Pencils coated in this way are not just environmentally compatible but also more hygienic than unpainted wooden pencils – a great advantage in kindergartens and day nurseries where pencils pass through many hands and often mouths as well. In addition, Colour Grip 2001 pencils are made from wood that has not been impregnated or treated with chemicals.

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