People are our most valuable resource


Knowledge is quality of life


There are still far too many people in the world with little or no access to education and knowledge. Can industry change that? We think they can make a considerable contribution to improving their workers’ qualifications. Faber-Castell Brazil has shown what is possible. In specially equipped classrooms, qualified teachers hold free training courses, ranging from basic reading and writing, foreign languages and computer skills, all the way to university entrance and even an MBA course. There are courses on hygiene and preventing drug dependence, and leisure activities such as music and handicrafts. To help employees and their families make good use of their free time, the Faber-Castell Club provides them with free sports grounds, a swimming pool, and other leisure facilities. We want to improve the quality of life for our employees, in the long term as well as the short.




We take social responsibility seriously


A decisive factor is involving local authorities in improving the quality of life. Therefore there are numerous projects aimed at supporting hospitals, schools and kindergartens, charitable organizations, and other initiatives to help people. This means both financial assistance and people’s time and talents – at local and national levels. In Brazil, Faber-Castell employees do voluntary work in hospitals, day-care centres, and drug advice centres. In Germany we set up the Count von Faber-Castell Children’s Fund to provide help for underprivileged children, via international charities.

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