Synthesis of ecology and economics


For years, Faber-Castell has made an active contribution to maintaining the diversity of species and protecting the environment, with company projects such as Arboris (for flora) and Animalis (for fauna). As part of ECOmmunity, employees and the general populace are motivated to make a personal commitment to nature and the environment. The extensive Faber-Castell forests do not just produce timber. They include 2700 hectares (10½ square miles) of natural woodland, a habitat for numerous plant and animal species including several threatened with extinction. A total of 36 rare mammalian, 178 avian, and 40 reptilian species are to be found in these areas that are not exploited commercially, some 30% of the total. The forestry management has achieved a sensible synthesis of ecological and economic aspects, thanks not least to cooperation with Brazilian universities.

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