Kaspar Faber (1730 - 1784)

Pencil-makers were first recorded in the imperial city of Nuremberg around the year 1660. Numerous craftsmen also set up shop in the surrounding villages, but especially in Stein, just within the Marquisate of Ansbach. Here artisans were not subject to the same strict controls as in Nuremberg, so they had a competitive advantage.


One of them was the cabinet-maker Kaspar Faber. At first he worked for local traders, but in his spare time he produced pencils on his own account. Soon he became so successful that he was able to set up his own business.  From these humble beginnings it was to develop into a company known all over the world.


Contemporary events

· Johann Wolfgang von Goethe completes his novel The Sorrows of Young Werther in the space of only four weeks in early 1774

· Ludwig van Beethoven is born in Bonn on 17 December 1770

· Captain James Cook and his crew are the first Europeans to cross the Antarctic circle in 1773

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