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Trendy lifestyle accessory: Ondoro in orange


The Ondoro, with its striking hexagonal shape, has already proved itself an unmistakable and equally fashionable understatement in purist white or elegant black.


The barrel made of shiny polished synthetic material, framed between nose and end pieces of chrome-plated metal, now presents itself in a warm orange colour: the Ondoro again enters the scene as a trendy lifestyle item.


The propelling pencil, twist-action ball pen, roller-ball pen and fountain pen are functional as ever. They also perfectly match the colours of the new Design range of leather accessories in gleaming patent leather or with a smooth matt surface. The unusual eye-catching writing implements will complement any leather organizer. Alternatively, there is a choice of attractive and practical leather cases to keep them in. Whichever way you look at it, the Ondoro is an indispensable and stylish companion, either on the desk or in the pocket or handbag!



LOOM: Trendy matt/gloss effects


Writing implements of the LOOM series are characterised by luminous colours and a puristic elegance. This modern trio, consisting of a propelling pencil, propelling ballpoint pen and roller-ballpen, captivates with a conical shape and the high-contrast interplay of matt and gloss effects."Metallic" will add a colourful highlight to your college writing pad or desk: apart from the mattegrey of the shaft and handle piece, the metallic gloss of blue, purple, orange and silver adds somepulsating luminosity. "Piano" embodies classical elegance and a fascinating lifestyle: the polishedmetal shaft sets off the pure white and black, while the varnish adds a trendy gloss to this series.


The mechanical propelling pencil is easy to handle: its 0.7 mm lead guarantees a consistently accurateflow of writing, while the exchangeable eraser under the cap is always ready for any corrections. The ballpoint pen also has a propelling mechanism and makes for long-term writing pleasure due to its large cartridge with writing strength B. The rollerball pen with a switchable cap offers a high degree of writing comfort, as the rapidly drying ink will not smudge, even when taking notes in a hurry. The spring-loaded, chrome-plated clip that decorates all LOOM writing implements will keep your pensafe while you are travelling.



BASIC Metal Design: fountain pen


The BASIC series owes its name to its puristic design. These writing implements, whose barrels are made of wood, carbon, leather or mother-of-pearl, play an important role in the highly attractive Faber-Castell range.


This shapely metal trio, consisting of a rollerball pen, a ballpoint pen and a mechanical pencil, has now been supplemented by a fountain pen with a high-quality stainless steel nib. It is available in matt or high-gloss chrome plating and offers the highest degree of writing comfort at school or at the office, thanks to its grooved grip zone. The spring-loaded metal clip turns this fountain pen into a reliable companion, which can be safely stored at all times in your agenda or jacket pocket.



Basic Black: Carbon fibre, leather and mother of pearl

The BASIC series gets its name from its purist lines. The existing writing implements made of fine cedar or poplar wood, or chrome plated, play an important part in the Faber-Castell designer assortment for those with high aesthetic standards.


Now the new BASIC Black models add a new accent. The roller-ball and ball pen have barrels made of carbon fibre, mother of pearl, or leather. The ribbed grip zone matches the colour. The mother-of-pearl variant offers an additional eye-catcher: the grip zone and cap are discreetly inlaid with glittering particles – items to grace any desk!


The pens are just as convenient and functional as they are attractive.


The roller-ball pen is highly recommended for hurried notes, because the ink of the replaceable refill is very fast-drying.


The point of the ball pen (equipped with magnum refill) retracts at the press of a button, ready for stowing in an organizer or jacket pocket.

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